Thank you for stopping by and checking out my visual therapy! Slightly under a year ago I was widowed after separating from my abusive husband. We had 5 sons together. I was given an iphone as a gift in May 2010, and as I started to re-find myself, I found that the creative outlet of iPhoneography was soothing and cathartic. It was a dark journey that has led me to where I am today. After a failed attempt at another relationship, I remain on a journey of single motherhood and soul searching. Tumblr and the iPhoneography community have been such strong pillars in my healing process. I reccomend art therapy to anyone needing who has suffered trauma or grief. It is such a gentle and effective medicine. Up till i started on Tumblr, I started a set on flickr called "inner dark" you can access it here: RivkahW's Inner Dark on Flickr I call my iphone my "musical camera that has a curious little app on it that sometimes allows me to hear the voices of people I know"....I am a bit of a phone phobe, so that I express my creative side on my phone is one of life's ironies.... follow me on twitter too and now follow me on facebook: Darkness, Colour & Light

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